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Watch: House Tour Of Jinkee Pacquiao In Their Luxurious Gensan Mansion

From a mom, wife of the Filipino boxing icon, a businesswoman, and now to an active YouTube vlogger, Jinkee Pacquiao’s channel “Simply Jinkee” already reached 115k subscribers in a short span of time.

Photo Credit: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

It appears that Jinkee and some of her children, who are also into vlogging are now more open to sharing some of their personal life with the public through their vlogs.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

A week ago, Jinkee gave us a tour of her mother-in-law, Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao’s own house in Gensan. This video that now has more than 900k views on the said popular video-sharing platform instantly became a hit as it shows the private side of the Pacquiao family.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

For her latest vlog entry, the 41-year-old wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao once again delighted her subscribers by showing their family’s stunning mansion in the province of General Santos.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

In this 6-minute video, she featured the different parts of their huge house such as the living room and entertainment area that contains lots of pictures and portraits of their family.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Jinkee introduced her twin sister, Janet Jamora, who always spends time with them whenever they visit Gensan. She also shared in this vlog that aside from her twin sister, she also has 3 other siblings. Right after that, she then proceeds to show their converted dining area where the whole family enjoys their meal.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

She also showed one of the most stunning areas in the luxurious mansion, which is their swimming pool where they usually hold birthday parties and bible study. At one side of the pool, they build a guest house for their relatives and friends who will visit them.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Another interesting area in this mansion is the basketball court they build so that Manny and their sons can play whenever they wanted.

In the last part of the video, Jinkee promised to do more house tour and show the second floor of their Gensan mansion, where the master’s bedroom, their children’s room, and her closet is located in her next vlogs.

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