Newlyweds Angel Locsin and Neil Arce Shares the Details of Their New Home

Long-time couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce had their civil wedding last July 26, 2021. Since then, they have shared their plans through their joint Youtube channel. Before they got married, they have been living separately at their own condominium units but in one of their most recent vlogs, they showed their new home as husband and wife.

Angel and Neil revealed that they had a hard time looking for the most ideal home which is spacious enough and close to their jobs. Luckily, Neil’s parents offered them their current house. Though the house was fully furnished, they still wanted to update some things and furniture and add little details to make the house a home.

Upon entering the house, one will easily notice the interesting design of their door. There is also a sanitation area in the foyer but for visitors, they need to take swab tests on the porch before they can enter.

There is also a very spacious living room full of artworks and paintings from different artists. There are also books displayed as Angel shared that she is actually a bookworm. They then proceeded to their den where Neil spends most of his time watching TV shows and taking naps. They also showed their dining room where they kept the furniture handed to them.

Of course, Angel did a little updating on the chairs and chandeliers. Next up is the kitchen which is also fully furnished. They even have a little space for their coffee and snacks. They also shared that their grilling types of equipment are placed separately in a small outdoor kitchen.

House Tour | The Angel and Neil Channel

Angel and Neil also designated a room for their utility personnel where they can enjoy a small living and dining area as well as a comfortable room to take their rest. They also toured through their laundry and storage room as well as their garage. They also had a small garden.

In the second part of their vlog, they continued their home tour for the rooms in their second floor. Here, they walked through their office. According to the couple, this is where they usually hold their virtual meetings. This is also where Angel spends most of her time reading books. They also showed the room for Neil’s son. Lastly, they showed their fancy room with Angel’s dressing room where she kept her outfits. This room also got fancier as it is connected to their comfort room and sauna.

After their tour, they shared their learnings and memorable experience while renovating the house. Overall, they are looking forward to their future years together in their new home.