Look: Kim Chui Tours Her Secret Condominium Hideout

Kim Chui recently shared on her Youtube channel the details of her condominium unit A.K.A her secret hideout. Although Kim already have her own mansion, she revealed that she has another place where she stays most of the time. She calls the condominium unit her secret hideout because this is where she spends most of her time whenever she wants to be alone.

Upon entering the condominium unit, one can already notice her rose-gold wallpaper which has a simple yet elegant design. The condo unit is also complete with a fully furnished small kitchen. She also shared her favorite details in the room such as her pink collection of plates and her utensils with gold accents.

She also admitted that she is a coffee and tea lover so a separate nook in her kitchen is dedicated to her coffee maker. She then proceeded to her mini dining area which also has pink chairs and unique chandeliers. Kim also shared that she does everything when she is staying at the unit so she showed her convenient cleaning equipment. She also has a minimalist comfort room. Of course, girly touches will never be absent as it fits Kim’s personality. The small condo unit also has a flat-screen television to keep Kim entertained.

She also has pink displays and fake plants around the condominium to add freshness to the unit’s interior. Her living room of course includes a pink sofa and carpet. To maximize the space of the small unit, she uses a sofa bed so she can rest and sleep comfortably.

She also displayed her favorite books which gave her life lessons and helped her become an empowered woman. Kim can indeed relax in her hideout as her living room has a floor-to-ceiling window where she can have a perfect view of the city.

Kim further shared that she acquired the property last 2015 and is a product of her hard work and savings. She then decided to purchase the unit as her investment. Overall, the unit is indeed a fitting hideout for Kim as it reflects her personality and aesthetic— simple, girly, and elegant. Surely, her fans will also be inspired to design their own hideout.

Condo Tour!!! (My Secret Hideout) | Kim Chiu