LJ Reyes Finally Breaks Her Silence on Break-up Issue with Paolo Contis

It was weeks ago when Paolo Contis reportedly unfollowed on Instagram LJ Reyes, his girlfriend of six years. He also deleted their photos together. Since then, rumors of their break-up arose. But after keeping her silence for a few weeks, LJ finally spoke up about the issue.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, which was uploaded on his YouTube channel, LJ shared that their problem started late last year. She told Boy Abunda that Paolo felt distant from the family. He would also stay out of the house most of the time which is very unlikely of him as he is a homebody. LJ also tried to talk to Paolo about her observation and worries about the relationship but he would only dismiss her. When asked if the cause of the break-up was money, LJ indirectly answered.

Instead, she shared that some people would message her about Paolo and his whereabouts. Paolo would then deny the allegations and reasoned out that people might mistook someone else as him because everyone is wearing masks. Friends would then message here about the same thing.

Even with what she saw and heard, she still chose to fight for their relationship and stay strong for their children. She even asked Paolo for another chance. In their last conversation, LJ asked Paolo if he wanted to take them back but he declined. According to her, she did that in case her children wanted a complete family.

Though Paolo did not hurt the two children physically, LJ still felt disrespected when Paolo unfollowed her on Instagram as her oldest child, Aki, could easily discover things on the internet. Aki also started to ask her about the reason why they broke up. LJ then explained what happened and apologized to her son. But LJ is still very lucky as Aki understood well and sweetly reassured her. “You complete us, mom”, said Aki.

LJ admits that her relationship with Paolo will be impossible to fix. She also said that she and her kids flew to New York. According to her, they wanted to be physically away from the situation. This might also be a better decision for them to recover mentally and emotionally. LJ also asked everyone to pray for her family.