Here’s How Anne Curtis Spends Quality Time with Daughter Dahlia Amélie

Anne Curtis and her 1-year-old daughter Dahlia Amélie are always a hot topic on social media with their cute photos together. Baby Dahlia is Anne’s first child with husband Erwan Heussaff. She was born on March 2, 2020 in Australia and at the beginning of the year, their whole family went back to the Philippines.

Photo credits: dahliaamelieee | Instagram

As soon as they finished quarantine, Anne and Erwan immediately went back to their jobs. Though Anne has yet to come back to It’s Showtime as a host, she still has brand endorsements. She is also busy with her cosmetics company, BLK. Anne and her sister-in-law, Solenn Heussaff also opened a start-up business for children’s clothes called, Tili Dahli. Erwan, on the other hand, is busy being a chef and content creator. Even Baby Dahlia is also busy with her photoshoots for Tili Dahli.

With their busy schedule, they still did not forget to spend some time with family especially that Erwan’s sister, Solenn, also had her first child, Baby Thylane Katana. Their families are seen together on multiple occasions. Baby Tili and Baby Dahlia also had playdates together. The cousins also had beach dates during their stay in Boracay.

Despite the packed schedule, Anne still makes sure that she spends quality time with her growing child. Aside from staying at home and enjoying Erwan’s cooking, Anne and Baby Dahlia still has their own playdates. In a video originally uploaded as one of Erwan’s Instagram story, Anne is seen playing hide-and-seek with her daughter. Baby Dahlia seems to enjoy the game as she hides behind a pillow while her mom is looking for her.

Her laughter is also contagious as she screamed “Again!” to her mom, signaling that she wanted another round of the game. The re-uploaded video on Baby Dahlia’s Instagram fan page has over 100,000 views and over 300 comments. Her fans commented how cute she is. They also said that the 1-year-old child seemed clever as she hid motionless behind the pillow.

Every mother like Anne has their own way of making their daughter’s childhood memorable but what makes it really special is their time spent together.