Check Out These Gorgeous Vacation Outfits From Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe is one of the trendsetters when it comes to fashion. She can pull off any kind of look, from her red carpet gowns, outfits for shows, and sexy yet modest outfits for her vacation getaways. If you want to find inspiration for an outfit that shows off the skin but still looks modest, you might want to check out these looks from Lovi Poe.

First from our list of favorite looks is Lovi’s outfit during a wedding in Malibu. Matching the summer vibes of California, she wore a tangerine skirt with a bralette top, black shoulder bag, and a floral wedge.

Lovi also rocked a feminine look for her music video, Candy. This outfit definitely screamed girly with a bralette and frilly skirt with bubblegum hues.

She also carefully chooses details and accessories for her backless outfits. She made a backless jumpsuit a little more modest with a ribbon. Lovi also opted to wear a flowy backless dress, perfect for the beach. Aside from the dresses themselves, she makes every outfit sultry by pairing plain backless outfits with her most elegant bags and accessories.

Lovi also looked casual while hanging out with her friends in California. But she amped-up her all-white look with a low v-neck crop top with puff sleeves and tie-front detail. This look from Lovi is perfect for any comfortable footwear like sneakers or sandals.

Two-piece dresses with puff sleeves are definitely a part of Lovi’s wardrobe as these can be used for any kind of look. During her press conference for the sexy thriller movie, The Other Wife, she proved that one can still look elegant with these kinds of dresses especially with a high-waisted or slitted skirt and high heels. She also went for casual look, wearing anothet two-piece dress with a printed skirt.

Lovi also became bold enough as she wore an intimate wear with a lace coverup. For a photoshoot, she wore a kimono coverup for her sports bra and biking shorts. These can definitely be considered as statement outfits.

Lovi’s wardrobe proves that sexy doesn’t always mean tight and small outfits. You can always find inspiration and get creative.