Teen Actress Francine Diaz Gift her Family a New Car and House

When it comes to the hottest teen stars today, Francine Diaz is definitely on top of the list. Francine started her career as a model. Though she initially had a difficulty in the early years of her show business career, she, later on, had minor roles in teleseryes like Pasion de Amor, Be My Lady, Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin, and The Blood Sisters.

But she rose to fame with her first major role as Cassie Mondragon in Kadenang Ginto. After that, she had a lot of TV appearances and projects. Now, she stars as Joy in Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Her outstanding performance and beauty helped her garner a huge fan base. Aside from that, her attitude inside and outside of filming sets is truly admirable.

Inside the set, she is known to be very professional. She revealed that she is actually introverted especially when she is alone but she pushes herself to become extroverted especially when the scenes require her to.

Outside showbusiness, Francine is known to be a filial daughter, mainly due to how she was raised. According to her, they follow a strict curfew at home. She also grew up praying with her family together which is why she had a good relationship with her parents and siblings.

With this, it is not surprising when the 17-year-old actress proudly shared the fruits of her labor. Being close to her family, she prioritized their needs first. Francine revealed that they only rented a house when she was younger but now, she was able to build their own house and even bought a car. Aside from this, she wanted to support the education of her siblings.

She also jokingly shared that she wanted to support them if ever they wanted to follow in her footsteps and enter the world of showbusiness. However, that may not happen as they are all shy and quite introverted.

On top of her plans for her family, she further shared her plan to save for her own college education. Francine believed that fame will not last forever which is why education is still important. She also wanted to build a successful business in case her career would, unfortunately, end later on.

Truly, Francine is admirable not only for her performances but also for how wise and loving she is to her family.