Former Beauty Queen Miriam Quiambao Talks About Her Struggles with Mastitis

Miriam Quiambao is one of the few women who are greatly looked up to by others. Miriam started as a beauty queen and was even crowned as Miss Universe 1999 1st Runner Up. She then became popular and turned into a TV host, actress, and model. Now, she is known as an author and an inspirational speaker together with her husband, Eduardo “Ardy” Roberto Jr.

Recently, she became the talk of the town for her pregnancy with her second son at the age of 45. She shared her whole experience especially the challenges of being pregnant with her miracle baby, Ezekiel Isiah or Baby Ziki. Now, she shares yet again another challenge after giving birth. On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself in a lot of pain. According to her, Elijah, her eldest son accidentally elbowed her breast.

Later that evening, she immediately contacted her OB-GYN as she was already suffering from fever and her breasts became engorged and sore. Her OB-GYN accordingly prescribed her with the necessary medications. However, she couldn’t help but wince and tear-up in pain while she is breastfeeding Baby Ziki to help drain the blocked duct.
Fortunately, she is now feeling better.

Photo credits: Meriam Quiambao | IG

Miriam then shared to her Instagram followers how she overcame this challenge. According to her post, she reminded herself of the worse spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, and physical things that she had gone through in the past and told herself that she can definitely handle this current challenge. Miriam also advised her followers to rely on God as He gives strength and never gives a challenge that they can’t handle.

Photo credits: Meriam Quiambao | IG

She then ended her post with a Bible verse as a reminder to everyone, “I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength. –Phil. 4:13”. At present, her post has 8,096 likes and 435 comments. Some netizens commented their own experiences and shared advices to those who are suffering from mastitis. Others comforted and admired Miriam’s strength. She posted another photo on Instagram, thanking her followers and those who wished her well. Indeed, Miriam is an inspirational woman and a great role model whom we can look up to in everything that we do.