Jinkee Pacquiao Got Emotional After Their Kids Prepared A Surprise Dinner Date At Home

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, many couples skipped celebrating their special days with their partner since they cannot go outside to have a proper date.

But this is not a problem for some couples who were able to celebrate in a very creative and intimate way even at the comfort of their home. Just like what recently took place at the humble abode of the Pinoy boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

In an Instagram post last Sunday, May 30, the 41-year-old wife of Manny shared that she got emotional after their children, Jimuel, Michael, Mary, and Queenie prepared a surprise dinner date for her and their father Manny Pacquiao.

Touched by her children’s sweet gesture, the celebrity mom of five admitted that she cried upon seeing their surprise.

“Surprise Dinner Date. Itong surprise na ito ay effort ng mga anak ko. Salamat sa inyo mga anak ko. Na-touch ako kaya ‘di ko napigilan umiyak,” part of her post read.

It can be seen in the photos that their kids really put a lot of effort into setting up a cozy candlelight dinner for their parents, whom according to them they never saw having a date outside even before the community quarantine.

She continued, “May pa bulaklak pa yan at letter! Sabi nila hindi daw nila kami nakikita na nagdi-date sa labas kahit nung wala pang quarantine kaya naisip nila na mag set up ng dinner for us. Ka-sweet sa akua mga anak! Abi man nako Mother’s Day gihapon!”

“We are very grateful to God for our children! Thank you Lord for choosing us to be their mom and dad, to love and to care for them!” Jinkee added.

She also shared that the initial set up their kids prepared was an outdoor “dinner date” or outside their room in the balcony area to make it a more romantic one, but since it suddenly rained their kids had it inside Manny’s office instead.

“Ang dinner setup sana sa labas ng room namin kaso umulan kanina nilipat nila sa office ni Manny,” Jinkee ended her post.