This Is What Happened To Beautiful Actress Beth Tamayo After Leaving Showbiz

Can you still remember Beth Tamayo? She was a popular actress back in the 1990s and was considered one of the most beautiful faces in the local entertainment industry.

She left a big mark in showbiz, appearing in many television shows and movies during her heydays. Some of the famous movies she starred in were Pedrito Masangkay: Walang Bukas Iniwan’, ‘Proboys’, and ‘Anak ng Pasig.’

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Beth also became one of the cast in the hit primetime teledrama of ABS-CBN, ‘Esperanza’ together with the show’s lead character played by her real-life best friend Judy Ann Santos.

During the time when she was still a celebrity, Beth needed to juggle her study and her acting career as well as her relationship with Nino Muhlach.

The former actress was last shown in the drama series of the GMA Network, ‘Luna Mystika’ way back in 2009.

Before she left the limelight, Beth reportedly married a rich Chinese businessman named Johnny Wong in 2004. They lived here in the country while the actress continued her showbiz career. Unfortunately, their marriage life did not last that long and they separated in 2014.

After this incident, she flew to the United States and left her career here in the Philippines. She began doing regular jobs and had to stay at her friend’s place in New York for eight months just to sustain her needs. She also worked as a babysitter to a Colombian family who has two kids, while also working as a cashier at Victoria’s Secret shop.

Beth continued working until she became an executive assistant of the Government of Singapore Investment (GSI) in New York. Then the former actress got transferred to San Francisco where she is residing right now.

In October last year, Beth found her second chance in love after her boyfriend, Adam Hutchinson, an employee at Google proposed to her.

Aside from living a more simple life in a foreign country, the former actress also enjoys being a marathoner. Beth is passionate about joining prestigious marathons such as in London, Berlin, New York, Boston, and Chicago.