Robin Padilla’s Message To BB Gandanghari: “Tigilan mo na iyang katatampo”

In response to BB Gandanghari’s social media rant, claiming that she feels her own family neglected her, one of BB’s brothers, action star Robin Padilla, finally broke his silence about this issue.

Last April, the transgender model formerly known as Rustom Padilla made rounds online after she made a live Instagram video where she aired her sentiments on her family. BB Gandanghari, who is now based in the US has previously become the subject of fake reports about her passing. This happened while there’s an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While this fake news already has a big impact on her, what’s more heartbreaking for BB Gandanghari is the fact that her family didn’t bother to check on her or even asked how he’s doing in America.

Now, her younger brother, Robin, whom she accused of the “panglalaglag” issue, finally explained the reasons why their family has not been reaching out to BB Gandanghari.

In a recent video, Binoe together with his wife, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared how they’re dealing with the current situation of the country, and even the effect of the imposed lockdown brought by Covid-19, otherwise known as the novel Coronavirus on their life.

In the middle of their video, the 50-year-old screen veteran went on to greet his sister BB Gandanghari and said, “BB, tigilan mo na iyang katatampo. Mahal ka namin.”

He also explained, “Marami lang nangyari sa pamilya natin nang pumasok ang 2020,” referring to what happened to him and their mother Evan Cariño.

The two were both confined in a hospital due to some injuries, Robin sustained a back injury while their mom got “bed-ridden” for almost two months after slipping.

“Matagal din akong nahimlay… Isang buwan din akong nahimlay sa ospital. Dun na ako nag-New Year. Lumabas ako, parang last week na ng January. Tapos si Mama Eva naman, nadulas. Si Mama naman ang na-bedridden ng dalawang buwan. Napakadami pong nangyari sa 2020,” he stated.

Another unfortunate event that the Padillas are dealing with right now is the loss of one of their family members, Jane Dayrit Padilla, wife of their brother Royette Padilla who just passed away last April 23.