Pinoy Celebrities Who Treat Their Helpers As Part Of Their Family

Here in our country, having a household helper or “Kasambahay” has always been a part of local customs and culture. This is quite common for a family whose parents are both busy working and need the help of other people to take care of their needs at home.

Some families who are more capable employ a number of people to be assigned to different tasks such as a personal assistant or Yaya for their kids, cooks, laundrywoman, drivers, and all-around helpers.

These people play a significant role in maintaining the proper order inside our home, that is why it’s also very important that we take good care of them.

Take it from these kind and generous Pinoy celebs who earned the trust and love of the people working for their home. What’s their secret? They treat their helpers not only as an employee but more like someone who is part of their family.

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla

The celebrity couple has been known for their generosity and kindness, Mariel and Robin have been extending their gratitude to the people who have been helping them raise their two daughters, Maria Isabella and Maria Gabriela. To show their love, the couple even prepared a surprise for their house helpers last year where they gifted each of them a bouquet of flowers.

Kris Aquino

The “Queen of All Media” is also very close with all of their housemaids, especially to one of the most loyal and trusted helpers of Kris, Bincai Luntayao. She is the one who takes care of Kris’ two sons, Josh and her youngest, Bimby.

The celebrity mom who is known to be really generous to people loyal and good to her reportedly helped Yaya Bincai in building her own house in the province.

Isabelle Daza and Gloria Diaz

Celebrity mother and daughter, Gloria Diaz and Isabelle Daza-Semblat were known for their good treatment of their helpers. They considered them as an integral part of their household, as a matter of fact, Isabelle’s childhood nanny, Yaya Luning is still living with them, and is now looking after her own child, 2-year-old Baby Baltie.

Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia

Another celebrity couple who has long been praised by the netizens for their amazing treatment of their Kasambahays were Cheska and Doug Kramer. When their family transferred into their new and bigger mansion last year, the celebrity couple didn’t forget to also allocate more space for their loyal helpers and even provide them with a common room, which the celebrity mom called a “lounge area.”

KC Concepcion

The 35-year-old daughter of the Megastar, KC Concepcion, grew up in the care of her beloved Yaya Lina. She was the one who cared for her as a baby, that’s why KC considers her Yaya like her own mother.

In 2018, her nanny revealed that KC gifted her with a house and lot, which was her way to thank the woman who sacrificed and devoted her life in taking care of her.