Momshie Karla Estrada Lauded By The Netizens For Doing Household Chores For Her Kids

We have this thinking that because most celebrity moms are often too busy at work, they probably don’t do the household chores and instead hire housemaids to do such stuff.

But do you know that many of them do not follow this trend as they want to be as hands-on as possible to their children, especially when it comes to preparing healthy and delicious meals for their whole family.

Just take for example, the 45-year-old mother of Daniel Padilla, actress, and host Karla Estrada. Cooking for her four children and caring for them is something that the Magandang Buhay host enjoys a lot.

Like many working moms out there, momshie Karla is also taking advantage of the community quarantine imposed by the government to spend more time with her kids.

We might not see her the past weeks on our TV screen doing her regular weekday morning talk show, but the “Queen Mother” still keeps her millions of fans and followers updated by sharing posts on her social media accounts.

She even made a series of vlogs dubbed as Queen Mother: Reyna ng Tahanan, this where many saw her side as a caring and playful mother to her four adorable children, Jose Carlita, Daniel, Magui, and Carmela.

These videos also serve as a guide for other moms on how they can transform simple recipes into sumptuous dishes.

Aside from cooking, Karla can also be seen cleaning their house and doing the laundry by hand herself with the help of her assistants, her daughter Carmela and her super cute nephew Jordan. But these were only some of her regular activities, during the weekends.

Many admire this Kapamilya TV host and mom that despite the fact that she could hire several helpers to do this housework done in no time, she proved that she could get down and dirty doing housework.