Look: How Isabelle Daza Cares for Her Kasambahay

If you’re one of the people who have a house helper or kasambahay working for you and you’re now thinking of a way to improve your relationship with them, why not try what celebrity mom Isabelle Daza did to understand more about their “feeling at the workplace.”

The 32-year-old mom and actress made many people admire the way she treats her household helpers when she previously shared online a copy of the contract agreement she made for her kasambahays to sign.

The said contract is in line with the Domestic Workers Act of 2013 or Republic Act No. 10361, more popularly known as the Batas Kasambahay detailing the rights of both parties involved (domestic workers and their employees) to protect their welfare.

Now, Isabelle is getting the attention of the netizens again for revealing on her Instagram Stories that she gives her household workers a questionnaire to know their thoughts on their working conditions at her home.

She handed this document to them every quarter. It contains a series of questions like “When are you most annoyed at me,” “What are your dreams in life,” “When are you most tired,” and “Do you still like what you are doing,” among others.

The celebrity mom also included, “[This is the] questionnaire I give our kasambahay every 3 months to get to know how they are feeling in the workplace.”

“This is my way to get to know the needs of the people who help and care for me,” Isabelle added.

Since a lot of people are requesting, she went on to upload the exact contract that she provided her household workers as she aims to professionalize the Kasambahay.

It can be seen that all the important details such as the scope of their work and even the number of hours are clearly stated, in that way they know what their rights and obligations are.

“My dream would be to professionalize the kasambahay where they get paid the right amount and 2 days off work just like everyone else as a standard of working. After all they are leaving their families to take care of ours,” the celebrity mom stated.

Source: push