Look: Heartless ‘Blogger’ Pranks Restaurant By Cancelling 1k-Worth Order

Nowadays, many of us are relying on the convenience of ordering food and other stuff online. All we have to do is wait patiently for our item to be delivered in the comfort of our home.

This is also the reason why the demand for delivery riders in the country increases, particularly now that there’s an ongoing health crisis that hinders some people from going outside to buy their needs.

Thankfully, there are plenty of stores that offer their services in a very convenient way. You can place your orders online or via call and arrange delivery to your desired location, of course with an added delivery charge.

However, this set-up was taken advantage of by some heartless customers as there’s what we call the cash-on-delivery or COD option. This is meant for those who can’t pay in advance and would rather pay cash upon receiving their orders.

Without having an assurance, the store will have your order ready for delivery or sometimes the scenario is the rider will shoulder the cost of their customer’s order. The sad news is most of the time, there are many inconsiderate customers who will just cancel the order at the last minute without proper reason.

What’s more saddening is to know that it was only a “fake booking” or those people who just want to make fun by placing fake orders just to satisfy their boredom.


Just like what happened recently in Chacha Special Binalot Sa Dahon, a restaurant based in San Pedro, Laguna.

On their Facebook page, they shared a post last May 14, narrating what happened after they fell victim to “prank for a blog”.

Based on their story, they received an order worth Php1,011 from a customer using the name Reynan Gañete.

The page shared screenshots of the conversation they had with the said guy who requested his order to be delivered from 7PM to 8PM.

Although their restaurant was about to close, they still prepared his order as they thought that the customer might really need the food for their dinner. Their delivery rider also volunteers to take their order as his last delivery for the day.

As seen in the photo, the restaurant asked for a landmark and informed the said customer that the rider was already heading to his address. This time, the inconsiderate customer said “cancel na po.” He also said that he and his cousin just opted to have pancit canton as their meal.

The Laguna based restaurant explained that their order can’t be canceled anymore because they already prepared the food and the rider was already on the way. They even sent a photo to the customer showing that the poor rider was already at their provided house address, which also turned out to be fake.

The heartless customer showed no remorse after he was told that what he is doing is bad. He just replied, “It’s a prank! Para po sa blog namin hehe. Thank you for being a sport.”

Disappointed about the customer’s response, they pointed out,“Yung rider po naghahanap buhay.” To which the customer immediately replied, claiming that they’re also doing this for a living.

Checking the comment section, it appears that the said account of the heartless customer/blogger used the photos of a certain Francis Nico Naparam. He commented on the post to clarify that the account of “Reynan Gañete” was not related to him as it’s only a poser or a fake account.