Check Out The Story Of This Filipina Who Discovers That Her Father Is The King Of Malaysia

To be like a princess, living in a huge and beautiful castle far away is a dream for many girls. They got the inspiration from the many fairy tales they’ve watched when they were still young, where most stories would have an ending of living happily ever after.

But what would be your reaction if you’re just an ordinary girl being raised by your single mother then the next day, you would find out that you’re actually a princess?

This is exactly what happened to a Pinay whose story can be compared to the plot of Princess Diaries.

Humans of New York recently featured the surprising story of a woman who learned that she is the daughter of the former King of Malaysia, the late Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang. Her story was shared online and immediately caught the attention of the netizens.

Based on the post, the lady recalls a time when she was still in kindergarten and they were supposed to bring their fathers to school. However, her mother told her that her father is too busy as he lives in Malaysia, where he is the King.

Upon hearing her mom’s story, the innocent little girl felt so proud because it only means that she’s a princess. Growing up she lived alone with her mom and they eventually immigrated from the Philippines. They live in a rented room, which made her realize that her mom’s story was not true and was only intended to comfort her.

She started to become curious about her father, but her mom would provide a few details about him. She only said that she used to work as a nurse in Malaysia where she met the King at a party. That moment, the little girl decided not to open up about that topic anymore as it seems to be painful for her mother.

When she was 14 years old, she received a strange call that later revealed that the story about her King father was actually true. They immediately flew to London and stayed at a hotel where the highly-anticipated father-daughter meet-up happened.

During their first 1-hour meeting, her mother told the King about her demands to obtain financial support However, he didn’t agree to her second request of paternity in writing. The young girl got to meet her father twice more after that, but she was never brought into the royal family, and was never “fully acknowledged.”

The only remembrance and possible proof that the unnamed lady got is a photo with her father, which was requested by her mom and was taken during their first lunch together in London.