Barber’s Wife Saves Php217k From Husband’s Tips, Use Money During Lockdown

People all over the world are experiencing the huge effect of the pandemic COVID-19 in their lives. This health crisis has taught us a lot of important lessons, especially when it comes to securing our finances so that we have enough money to use when the need arises.

There are many ways to effectively save money, the first thing that you have to do is to allocate a specific amount from your earnings/income. This amount will then be added to your savings, you can either put your savings in banks or other safe ways to keep it.

Many wives would say that it’s difficult to save big money if the type of job that their husbands have is only enough to support their daily means. While this is true most of the time, the story of this wise barber’s wife will make them change their perspectives.

In a recent post shared on Facebook financial literacy page CFO PESO SENSE, many were amazed after reading the inspiring story of one thrifty wife as she was able to save as much as Php 217,000.00 just from the tips that her barber husband receives at work.

Based on her story, the tips that her husband gets are actually quite good because he has plenty of rich clients, including doctors, politicians, and celebrities. That’s why aside from his actual salary, he also receives an additional amount of almost Php 1,700.00 from tips.

The wise wife also added that she and her husband made an agreement before that it is up to him how to save money from his salary for the future of their three children, while she will be the one responsible for keeping all the tips he earns from work that she will use for their daily expenses.

The barber’s wife made sure to save as much as Php1,000 per day and spend the rest of the money for their daily needs. All the time, her husband had no idea about his wife’s way of saving, he also trusts her so much that he didn’t bother to monitor how she spends their money.

When COVID-19 or otherwise known as the novel coronavirus hit the country, her husband was among those who lost their job as barbershops were closed during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Despite weeks of not earning due to the lockdown, the wise woman was still able to provide delicious food for their whole family. Curious about how his wife did all of this, he finally asked his wife. But to his surprise, his wife just showed him the pouch filled with money and explained to him what she had done.

“Nung pinakita ko ang laman nang pouch ko nagulat siya sabay laki mata niya at binilang niya.. Nung nabilang niya bigla niya akong niyakap sabay sabi ang sinop mo pala sa pera… Php217,000 ang perang naipon ko sa pamamagitan lamang nang tip niya..

Kaya kayong mga nanay na tulad ko iwasan ang pagiging maluho huwag makisabay sa uso nang kabataan lalo sa mga anak niyo.. dahil sa kanilang paglaki hanap hanapin na nila yan..

Gayahin niyo ako maging masinop. Hindi po ako yung lubos ubos biyaya bukas naka tunganga, mag isip ka nanay na katulad ko para matuwa naman si Hubby mo para magtiwala sa iyo at hindi ka niya pagtataguan nang pera…” part of the post read.