Meet “Yorme” Isko Moreno’s Gorgeous Unica Iha, Frances Diane Domagoso

From the time he got elected as the mayor of Manila, former actor Francisco Moreno Domagoso or more popularly known today as Yorme Isko, he immediately caught the attention of the netizens and eventually became social media’s favorite mayor.

With his continuous efforts in providing the best public service to his constituents, Mayor Isko many times has been applauded not only by the Manileños but also by the residents of other cities.

Now that the whole country is facing challenges due to COVID-19, otherwise known as the novel coronavirus, Manila City’s honorable mayor Isko Moreno once again receives high praise from many Filipinos for helping in all ways possible.

This is also the reason why he is considered one of the most well-loved politicians and also one greatest public servants of all time.

If you’re one of the loyal fans of the 45-year-old politician, then you might be aware that aside from being a good leader Mayor Isko is also a loving and caring husband and father to his five children. Despite all of his duties, he never runs out of time when it comes to his family.

The actor-turned-politician has been married to Diana Lynn Ditan for almost 2 decades now and blessed to have five lovely children: Vincent Patrick, Frances Diane, Joaquin André, Franco Dylan, and Drake Marcus.

Isko and Diana only have one daughter, Frances Diane Domagoso, who inherited the good genes of her parents.

But because her father once entered the entertainment industry, a lot of people who admire her are hoping that she will also join showbiz someday since she certainly got the looks and charisma of a star.


Those who happened to know the social media accounts of Mayor Isko’s 19-year-old daughter are probably aware that she is fond of posting photos from her stunning photoshoots. Her account also contains posts revealing that she really loves to travel abroad with her family.

Of course, the Manila City mayor once showed that he’s a protective father to his unica hija when he gave a “shout out” in his previous interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda that is meant for those who wanted to court Frances Diane.

Mayor Isko said in jest, “Mayor ang tatay non ah!”