Look: Padilla Brothers Beautiful Mom Eva Cariño In Her Younger Years

When we talk about the most prominent clans in showbiz, there’s no doubt that the Padillas are one of the first surnames that will enter our minds. They’re not only known as a family of great actors as many of them also possess skills in singing and dancing, which made them one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

To date, four generations of the Padillas have made their way into the spotlight. It started with six Padilla siblings: Carlos Padilla, Sr., Roy Padilla, Pilar Padilla, Cristina Aragon, Amado Cortez, and Ateng Osorio, who all became part of the entertainment industry in the past.

Now let’s talk about the late Casimiro Padilla Sr., more popularly known as Roy Padilla. He is a great actor during his reign, a director, and a politician who served as governor of Camarines Norte from 1975 to 1988. Roy is the father of the famous Padilla brothers Royette, Rustom (BB Gandanghari), Rommel, and Robin.

Recently, one of his grandchild, Kylie Padilla, daughter of Robin Padilla with his former wife Lizel Sicangco decided to share a photo of her “Lolo” Roy’s online that instantly captured the attention of many netizens. They were all stunned as he looked a lot like his sons, especially Rustom.

Meanwhile, many were also delighted when they saw a photo of the Padilla brother’s beautiful mom, former actress Lolita Eva Cariño in a previous Instagram post of Rustom Padilla.

The said post was a sweet greeting for his mom on Mother’s Day celebration back in May 2018. It features collage photos of their mommy Eva, a photo taken during her younger years and another one showing her most recent photo.

BB Gandanghari wrote: “Dear Mama, Oh how I adored this vision. The ever beautiful indeed. Guessin’ thru my inquisitive years “If only I could be, as beautiful as she can be.”

“P.S. I’m praying to God Almighty, Jehovah, that I get to feel the warmth of your embrace when we see each other again, “How many more full moons?, hopefully not to many. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I believe so, but “expectations delayed makes the heart grow weary too…” I love you #Mama and I miss you ‘beyond’ so much!”

In the comment section, many netizens can’t help but praise the natural beauty of Mommy Eva, with some saying that BB Gandanghari got his looks from his mother.