OFW Mom No longer Remembers By Her Daughter When She Got Home

Mother is the first person who will sacrifice for the sake of her child from the day her child is born. They believe that no one else can care for them the way a mother does, this is also why it’s really hard for most moms out there to be separated from their children.

Despite that, some moms are left with no choice but to sacrifice just to make sure that they can provide a better life for their family. The sad reality is that many Filipino moms find better opportunities abroad rather than in our country. But in exchange for the higher pay that they can earn while working as an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW, is the feeling of loneliness that they need to bear.

The worst part is that there are many cases where their kids can no longer recognize them as they left abroad when they were still young.

In July last year, a lady contestant named Tintin from the show’s segment “Willie of Fortune,” a hardworking OFW mom touched the hearts of the people and brought tears with her story.

When Tintin got pregnant, she learned that her boyfriend already has a family through Facebook, that’s why she just decided to raise her baby on her own. But since she’s also the breadwinner of their family, Tintin was forced to work abroad and left her 1 year and 3-month-old baby with the care of her mother.

Unfortunately, Tintin’s mother passed away when she’s still working in Kuwait, she went home just to find out another sad news that her daughter Danielle no longer remembers her. But despite that, she still needs to continue working abroad because they still have to pay the debts their family incurred when her mother got sick.

Tintin went on to thank her older sister for taking care of her daughter and treating her as her own child.

When Kuya Will interviewed Danielle, who is now 6 years old, he immediately noticed that the little girl is not really close to her mother. The Wowowin host can’t help but turn emotional after hearing Tintin’s touching message to her daughter.