Little Girl Wrapped In Big Plastic So Frontliner Mom Can Hug Her

In order to protect and care for the safety and health of the Filipinos, doctors, nurses, security guards, cops, and soldiers and other people who are considered as frontliners of this 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic sacrifice their life.

While doing their sworn duties, many of them chose to live away from their families in the meantime, so that there will be no chance to pass the virus to them. However, every day they have to deal with the feeling of loneliness for not being able to be near them.

The good thing is that we now live in a more advanced generation where there are mobile gadgets that will allow us to somehow connect with one another virtually. But while this can lessen our longing, there will be no greater feeling if we will be given the chance to hug our loved ones even for a short while.

This is what happened when a frontliner mom in Nueva Ecija got the chance to be with her daughter after a long time.

In a video shared by GMA News last April 11, Ramona Bernardo, an ER nurse working at the Nueva Ecija Doctors’ Hospital went to her home for a quick visit as she misses her daughter a lot. This led her to come up with a way that would allow her to at least hug her child without exposing her to the virus, by wrapping her in a big plastic bag that serves as her overall protective gear.

As seen in the video, both the mother and daughter are wearing face masks for additional protection. Meanwhile, after getting close and hugging each other for a short time, the little girl who is not aware of what is happening around her tried to take off the plastic. Her mom then immediately went away from her and eventually bid goodbye.

Based on the story, it’s been a month since Ramona last saw her daughter as she decided to stay in the hospital from March 15, which happened to be the first day of the declaration of community quarantine in the entire Luzon area.

Currently, the little girl stays with her Lola, while Ramona is back at the hospital to work.