Jinkee & Manny Pacquiao Teach Daughters How To Do The laundry

The Pacquiao family is being lauded by many Filipinos all over the world not only for the numerous achievements that the head of their family, boxing icon and senator Manny Pacquiao brings to the country but also for staying humble despite their wealth.

Although Manny and Jinkee’s 5 children, Jimuel, Michael, Mary, Queenie, and Israel are fortunate that they never experienced the life their father had before, many people are praising the couple as they managed to raise their kids to be God-fearing and simple.

But sometimes, they also let their kids experience their simple life before like eating foods that they used to have back when they were younger and living in General Santos City.

This was shown on the latest vlog entry of Jinkee published last April 3, where the couple challenged their kids to eat Manny’s favorite merienda “nilagang saging” boiled bananas dipped in “ginamos,” a salted and fermented krill or what many called as bagoong.

It was revealed in the 10-minute video that it’s actually their kids’ first time to try this kind of meal, while for the boxing champ, it was their family’s meal for many years because they had no rice back then.

Recently on Instagram, it turns out that the Pacquiao kids are up for another challenge when Mary and Queenie were taught on how to do some household chores.

Photo credits: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

This time around, the couple together with their two daughters can be seen sitting on laundry stools and basins in front of them, which means that they’re doing manual washing of their clothes or handwashing.

Photo credits: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

“Habang naka-quarantine, tinuruan namin ang mga girls kung paano maglaba!” Jinkee said. “Happy ako sa mga anak ko dahil masunurin sila at gusto rin nilang matutunan ang paglalaba,” the caption read.

Photo credits: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

Many netizens praise Manny and Jinkee for taking advantage of the community quarantine to teach their kids even simple house tasks as this can also help teach them life skills and also to be responsible while they’re young.