Guy Who Asked For The 5k Cash Assistance To “Dole PH” By Mistake, Receives Over 5k Worth Of Pineapple Products

When it was announced in the news that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will be helping Filipino workers whose jobs were affected by the enhanced community quarantine, many netizens shared their concerns online as they’re having trouble in claiming the said P5k financial assistance.

One of them is this guy named CJ Banasihan, who mistakenly send his rant message to the wrong Facebook page, Dole Philippines —a fruit processing company best known for their sweet pineapples and other delicious fruit-based packaged products

The concerned netizen who has not yet received the promised cash assistance made a follow-up and messaged Dole PH on Messenger, thinking it was DOLE, saying

“Ano na? Nasan na yung 5k namin?!”

On his Facebook account, CJ shared screenshots of convo with Dole PH last March 24. The post immediately caught the attention of thousands of netizens because of the good vibes that his post brings to the people amid the current health crisis.

It can be seen that the admin of the said page immediately responded to his concern by

“Unfortunately, we’re not DOLE — we are Dole Philippines, best known for our sweet pineapples and yummy fruit-based packaged products,” Dole PH responded and even directed him to the right page of Department of Labor and Employment.

“However, if you’re feeling stressed out, why don’t you #DoleItUp and try a refreshing can of Dole 100% pineapple juice? It’ll give you a natural energy boost that will make you bounce back from your troubles,” the page added.

But their conversation didn’t stop there as “Dole PH” decided to reward CJ for spreading positivity online. In another Facebook post, the netizen shared that he was given by the Dole PH company of more than P5,000 worth of their products.

“In the midst of our battle against COVID-19 as a nation, we are grateful for people like you who are out there spreading laughter and positivity to the community while we face a difficult time,” part of the letter sent to him by Dole PH.

CJ wrote in the caption,

“Thank you, Dole PH. Hindi ko inexpect na tototohanin ninyo yung message ko.”