You Will Be Amazed On How This Small and Simple Nipa House Looks Inside

Owning a house is something that many of us dream of, whether it is small or big. What matters more is that we have a comfortable place that we can call our home, a strong wall, and a roof that can protect us from the heat of the sun or even from the rain.

But the sad reality today is that building a house or even buying one is very costly, especially here in the Metro where the cost of the land is much higher as compared to the rural areas of our country. This is also the reason why many Filipinos choose to be more practical by renting a house instead of building their own home.

While this could be a cheaper option, the accumulated money you paid for the rent over the time will not be counted as an investment since the house still belongs to your lessor or the owner of the unit.

But in order for ordinary Filipinos to build their dream home, they had to sacrifice and work abroad so that they can earn bigger and save up for their future home, enduring the loneliness of being away from their loved ones.

Just recently, photos of a simple home shared on the Facebook page of “Traditional Life,” shocked the netizens when they showed how beautiful and modern it looks from the inside.

“It’s a beautiful home. It’s simple but has a sting.” the caption read.

At first glance, you would think that this is just a plain and simple nipa hut-looking home, but when you see its exterior, you will be amazed at it was fully furnished.

The space is not that big and can perfectly fit just a small family, but it’s fully equipped with a tiled bathroom and sink, there’s also a small kitchen area with a cabinet where the family can store food and other stuff.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing rest, no need to worry as this small house was designed with a loft bed and lounge to maximize the space.

Check out the photos below: