Vice Ganda Makeup Transformation Vlog With Mommy Rosario: “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ko Challenge”

43-year-old comedian-host Jose Marie Borja Viceral or more popularly known as the “Unkabogable Star” Vice Ganda delighted his 1.9 million subscribers when he uploaded his latest vlog on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Vice Ganda Instagram

The 11-minute video “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ko Challenge” was posted last Thursday, February 27, this featured Vice Ganda’s mother, Mommy RosarioViceral, who received an amazing beauty makeover from her son using the famous “It’s Showtime” host’s own makeup line called “Vice Cosmetics.”

Screenshot: Vice Ganda Youtube Channel

The video started with Vice doing his own makeup, then suddenly, his mother entered the scene and watched him while he finished his make up. She then took a closer look at her youngest child’s face and said, “Ang ganda mo toy,” (Vice mother often called him “Tutoy,” his nickname as a young boy).

Screenshot: Vice Ganda Youtube Channel

She then asked her son on how to achieve that kind of beauty by saying, “How to be you po?”

But before they proceed with the makeup challenge, Vice told his mom to give him at least 3 reasons why she wants to look like Vice Ganda.

Screenshot: Vice Ganda Youtube Channel

According to Mommy Rosario, the first reason is that she wants to be beautiful like him, next is to experience wearing different wigs or hairstyles and hair colors, which is something that Vice is known for, and last but not the least is to have the chance to use Vice Cosmetics.

As expected, the whole video was filled with lots of bloopers and there’s no dull moments. After finishing her makeup. He even changed his mom’s outfit to what he called “hypebeast,” or in his own term is the clothing style of the Millenials.

Screenshot: Vice Ganda Youtube Channel

To complete her Vice Ganda look, the “Unkabogable Star” decided to use the same hairstyle and wig color that he currently has.

The most hilarious part of the video was when the comedian-host revealed the final look of his mom. He even said that instead of looking like him, Nanay Rosario looked like a former celebrity.

Screenshot: Vice Ganda Youtube Channel

Vice jokingly said:

“Nay, bakit si Mahal ang naging kamukha mo. Hindi naman si Vice Ganda?”

Three days after it was uploaded on YouTube, the video now has over 1 million views.

i-Vice Ganda Mo 'Ko Challenge with Nanay Rosario!