Sarah Geronimo Owns This Huge Solar Powered Farm In Tanay Rizal

After the controversial wedding of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo last month, many netizens got really curious to know more about the 31-year-old Popstar Royalty’s wealth particularly because of the rumor that her mother, Mommy Divine, allegedly wants them to sign a prenup agreement, stating that all of her daughters assets will be placed under her name.

Since this famous singer-actress has already been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades now, it’s not surprising to know that she is earning huge amounts from the countless endorsements, movie and TV projects, multiple large-scale concerts, and several businesses that she owns.

It was also revealed recently through an article published by “Esquire” that Sarah is one of the most successful celebrities in the country, stating that her estimated net worth is reportedly “anywhere in the ballpark from $10 million (P509.52 million) to $75 million (P3.82 billion).”

Based on a recent report by “Artistacentral,” one of the many properties that the Geronimo family owns is this huge farm located in Tanay, Rizal.

Photos of the said farm were taken from a solar power provider when they made a field exploration.

This impressive huge land was solar powered and contains many plants, vegetables, as well as fruit-bearing trees like dragon fruits.

Sarah, who was born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on July 25, 1988 began her music career at 14 years old. This was when she joined and won the television singing contest “Star for a Night” in 2002.

After her success, she was signed under Viva Records and released several albums.

But aside from her talent in singing, the young celebrity showed her other talent when she started her acting career in 2003 for the film “Filipinas,” followed by many hit movies such as “A Very Special Love”, “You Changed My Life,” “Catch Me, I’m in Love,” “It Takes a Man and a Woman,” “Finally Found Someone,” and “Miss Granny.” She also appeared in projects including ASAP, Sarah G. Live!