Rufa Mae Quinto Extending Stay In The US For Family’s Safety

41-year-old comedienne-actress Rufa Mae Quinto was in San Francisco, California, when President Rodrigo Duterto announced that he decided to place Metro Manila under community quarantine on March 15, to combat the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the country.

Ruffa and her 3-year-old daughter Athena Alexandria have been in California since February for a vacation. The comedienne-actress visited her husband, Trevor Magallanes, who is currently based and employed in the said country as a police officer.

When she learned about the sad news, the celebrity mom took to Instagram to inform everyone that they’re extending their stay in the United States due to the ongoing quarantine.

Sharing a photo of her at a waterfall in Yosemite National Park in California, taken just a few days ago, Ruffa said,

“Nakuha ko pang ngumiti sa kabila ng hindi ko alam ano gagawin ko. Lahat ng shows cancelled, lock down, quarantine, etc… (No work, no pay) pero last week ito, I went to Yosemite National Park of America.

She went on to share that all of her scheduled shows in the Philippines were canceled, and they had no choice but to extend their stay for the safety of everyone, especially her daughter who has been admitted to a hospital back in January after their flight to Manila.

“So cancel nga shows ko sa Pinas, from Yosemite ‘pag balik ko sa San Francisco, ito na nga ang balita. Hoarding kami sa grocery until 12 midnight. Puno ang [groceries]! No school, work from home! Miss ko na ang Pilipinas kong mahal… gusto man namin umuwi, wala ako magagawa kundi mag-extend [nang] mag-extend para sa safety naming mag ina. Nung umuwi ako sa Pilipinas nung January, na-hospital/confine si Athena sa Makati Medical. Hindi ko na kaya makita na ganoon ang nagaganap sa kanya when we fly on the airplane,” she added.

Ruffa continued,

“So I told myself, kahit anong plan, you will never know, can never tell, what’s going to happen. Mabuti nalang andito kami sa asawa ko, sama sama. Thanks for taking care of us, for giving us a home and family. Ito na ‘yung go go go family love, more more, bigla ako naging am girl (nosebleed), full time housewife, mother. So, Rufa Mae don’t panic. In the meantime… baby Athena, health, finances and prayers! Todo na to! Whoooo! Para sa bayan! I love you all, Philippines [and] America. Makakaraos din. Positivity! Go go go! Fight fight fight!”

On March 16, President Duterte declared an “enhanced community quarantine” in the entire Luzon area, hoping that this will lessen the growing numbers of Filipinos who were infected by this pandemic disease.

As of today, Tuesday, March 24, there have been 501 confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Philippines, with 33 fatalities and 19 recoveries.