Pokwang Reacts On Bashers Criticizing Her Relief Goods Effort

Pokwang is one of the many celebrities who are actively taking part in helping the less fortunate people greatly affected by the Luzon-wide “enhanced community quarantine.”

Just recently, the Kapamilya comedienne-actress and entrepreneur was lauded by the netizens for her effort in providing food for those who work on the front lines including the military, police, and health care workers who are continuously working amid the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But her selfless work didn’t stop there, Pokwang also extended her help to the less fortunate families and went on with her relief efforts— packing rice and other basic commodities for those people who could not afford it.

As seen on her Instagram account, all the pre-packed relief goods will be distributed by their local barangay to the households who don’t have enough food supply at home.

Despite all her efforts, the 49-year-old comedienne-actress still receives bashing from some online users, with some even calling her “papansin.” Because of this, Pokwang did not mince her words when she responded to these negative criticisms.



Last Wednesday, March 18, the Banana Sundae star shared a post, addressing it to “sa mga nakukunsensya sa mga posts ko ng pagtulong ang calling me papansin,” she then urged them to close their eyes and pray, which is the least thing they can do to help in these difficult situations that our country is facing right now.

““Pumikit na lang kayo at manalangin! ‘Yan na lang sana maitulong niyo sa bayan natin,”

she wrote in her post.

“Read this mga animal. Naiiyak ako sa galit sa inyo. Sa ganito pa talagang panahon? Sa ganitong panahon mga kampon ng bashers ng satanas? Ngayon pa talaga? Hindi ito ang tamang oras.”

After this, she showed to them that no harsh words could stop her from helping those who are in need. This time, she gave some packed relief goods to the security guards and maintenance working in their subdivision.

“Ito ang tamang panahon para gamitin sa tama ang social media. Mag hikayat at magkalat ng good vibes hindi pang ba-bash,”

part of the caption read.