Matteo Guidicelli First-Time To Celebrate Birthday As A Married Man

Matteo Guidicelli celebrated his 30th birthday last Thursday, March 26, together with his wife, pop royalty Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli, and he couldn’t contain his happiness as this was his first birthday as a married man.

The actor, athlete, racer, model and singer took Instagram to thank Sarah for making his birthday extra special just by simply celebrating it with him as his wife. The post includes a photo showing Matteo and his wife in their casual home attire while Sarah holds a cake in front of him.

“Thank you Mrs. Guidicelli for everything. First birthday with you as your husband and I will forever cherish every single day with you,” part of his caption read.

In the last part of his post, the birthday celebrant expressed his gratitude to his family, friends, loved ones, and to all the people who didn’t fail to greet him on his birthday amid the ongoing health crisis in the country.

“These days has reminded me of how precious life really is. Family, friends, loved ones and everyone out there, thank you very much for the greetings! God bless us all. Stay safe everyone,” Matteo added.

In a separate IG post, Matteo also aired his thoughts on the current health crisis that the world is experiencing by uploading a 2-minute video where he the actor said:

“It’s difficult to have a happy birthday because of the situation today, you know thinking of everybody that’s suffering and who has lost their lives, the doctors that has passed, the patient that has passed so it is really, really heartbreaking.”

He also thanked the frontliners or the people who are tirelessly working just to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone, despite the risk that this pandemic coronavirus or Covid-19 can cause to their health.

Matteo added, “Everybody out there that’s working today and risking their lives, thank you very much for everything you are doing.”