Hero Angeles Shares Miniature Face Mask Artwork On Instagram

“Star Circle Quest” first Grand Teen Questor Hero Angeles recently took to Instagram to share a reminder which will greatly help in this situation that the country is facing right now.
On March 16, President Rodrigo Duterte declared the entire Luzon area in the Philippines under “enhanced community quarantine,” this is to help restrict the movement of the population to combat the growing pandemic of COVID-19 in the country.

Celebrities who are known to have thousands to millions of fans and followers have taken their lead to help the people by sharing reminders to everyone while under home quarantine, one of them is the 35-year-old actor, Hero Angeles, who is known for creating unique and interesting miniature artworks.

Last Wednesday, March 18, he uploaded a photo of his latest artwork creation —a miniature face mask, along with a caption where he reminded the public about the importance of practicing proper hygiene, especially during this trying time.

He also thanked all the frontliners for their selfless act and dedication just to ensure the safety and welfare of all the people.

Hero wrote, “It’s in your hands. Create not hate. Safety is important. Protect ourselves. I salute and thank all frontliners and health workers for the dedication and love they’re giving to our communities. Let us show support and fight this battle together by being informed and updated. Stop spreading fake news. Practice social distancing, wear mask, wash your hands, use alcohol, exercise, eat healthy, take your vitamins, and stay at home. PRAY. We can do more and show extra help if we cooperate. We will win this.

In the last part of his post, Hero also encouraged the public to be more creative and use their time at home productively.

“Use your imagination and creativity if boredom strikes. It’s in your hands. There’s a lot to discover and explore indoors. Appreciate quarantine time. Be inspired to learn and create.”