Heart Evangelista Shares Experience As Stepmom To Chiz Escudero’s Twins

Queen of Creative Collaborations Heart Evangelista shares how she embraces being a stepmom to Chiz Escudero’s twins without forcing herself in their lives.

In the second episode of her online vlog series “Dear Heart” published last February 8, the 35-year-old celebrity and YouTuber tackled some topics about love and relationships.

The second sender asked Heart for some advice on how she should position herself since she’s in a situation where she’s with a man who has children from his previous relationship.

Sharing from her personal experience where she became a stepmom to her husband’s twins, Chesi and Quino, after she officially tied the knot with Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero. The artist and fashion enthusiast admitted that she has gone through and learned a lot since then.

Just like the sender’s story, she used to be confused on how to deal with them, especially since she first met the kids when they’re only 4 years old.

“I used to be confused about it because I’m the youngest in the family, and I wasn’t used to hanging out with a lot of kids,” Heart explained.

That was the moment when she questioned herself if she could really take care of them and perform all her duties.

“It’s going to really push you to your limit because having a child is very special, but your patience has to be the long and winding road you know because technically they’re not really yours.”

What she did is she exerted a lot of effort, patience, and didn’t give up and prayed a lot.

“I’m very blessed that the kids of Chiz… have been living with me, and we’re really really happy, and it all worked out,” she added.

She also offered a major tip to women like them on how to start a relationship with the kids of their husbands or partners.

“You cannot force themselves into their lives. You cannot force the issue, because you’ll never be their mom. You’ll just probably going to be their fun tita. They feel that if you force yourself or if you’re trying hard you just have to be yourself. You just have to be pure intentions,” the Kapuso actress said.