Look: Hayden Kho’s Shares Marriage Advice To Newlyweds Matteo Guidicelli & Sarah Geronimo

Newly married celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli received some words of advice from Dra. Vicki Belo’s husband, celebrity cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kho Jr. M.D. Instagram

It was only last week when Hayden together with his wife and their 4-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo were spotted with the young couple while they were buying some stuff for their new house in an upscale department store in Makati.

Photo Credit: Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli Fans Instagram

Based on a report by the entertainment website “PUSH,” Hayden revealed during an interview that even him and Vicki Belo, who was known as of the closest personalities to the couple got surprised upon hearing the news about their secret wedding. This only means that they were also not informed by Sarah and Matteo.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kho Jr. M.D. Instagram

He explained,

“Wala kaming kaalam-alam. I think even the parents of Matteo [found out] one day before and obviously the parents of Sarah hindi nalaman. I don’t really know the story. It’s not really my story to tell. But I think dapat bigyan lang natin sila ng time and peace and privacy.”

The 39-year-old celebrity cosmetic surgeon shared that the whole Belo family, including him and wife Vicki Belo, were very happy for the newlyweds.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kho Jr. M.D. Instagram

“Si Vicki and I and the whole Belo family are very happy for our Belo babies Matteo and Sarah kasi ang tagal na rin nilang magkasama”

he added.

Hayden said that he and his wife also witnessed how Sarah and Matteo fought for their relationship and proved that they really love each other so much.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kho Jr. M.D. Instagram

He continued,

“Nakita naman namin na they really love each other and hindi naman nila pinapabayaan ang isa’t isa. Madaming mga challenges pero they stayed together. Yung mga test na yan, parang nagiging proof na real yung relationship eh, na real yung affection nila towards each other and not just mere infatuation. Of course there will be challenges. Sa kanila mas malalaki lang yung challenges right now pero in a marriage marami kang ma-mi-meet na challenges even in the future. So this is already a test for them.”

Despite the challenging situation that they might be experiencing right now, Hayden has shared some words of advice to the newly married couple.

“Sabi ko nga kina Sarah and Matteo, ‘You know, don’t think that this is necessarily bad. Kasi for all you know this is God working in the situation so that He can shape you, he can shape Matteo, and he can also shape the parents.’ I’m a Christian and I believe that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. And si Matteo and Sarah are also both Christians. Even sila Mommy Divine and si Daddy are also both Christians. So I really believe that if you really love the Lord, then everything will fall into place. Maybe not right now, we trust in His timing. So ang sabi ko na lang sa kanila, ‘Just calm down. Just take it easy and trust the Lord. That he will do what is necessary. At the end of everything, it will be the glory of God that will really shine kung magiging faithful kayo, kung hindi kayo magloloko, kung magiging loyal kayo sa isa’t isa at patutunayan mo Matteo na you will love Sarah like Jesus loves the church and si Sarah will also be faithful, parang ganun. Mas maikli yung sinabi ko kay Sarah pero I’m expounding (laughs).”