Bela Padilla Fundraising Campaign For Street Vendors Reaches 3.3 Million Pesos

A few days after Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla decided to launch a GoGetFunding page online, which will extend aid to Filipino street vendors during community quarantine, her crowdfunding effort has already raised 3.3million pesos.

On March 18, the 28-year-old actress announced on her social media account that she received an additional 2 million pesos donation from an undisclosed person, bringing the total donations to 3.3 million pesos.

She wrote: “I was just woken up by a call. Somebody donated 2 million pesos. We are now at 3.3M pesos.”

Bela, who calls her online fundraising campaign as “Pagkain para sa Pinoy,” initially set a target amount of 1 million pesos which will be utilized for Metro Manila vendors who were greatly affected by the “community quarantine” set by the government.

According to her previous post, her goal is to raise money for “Filipinos who won’t be able to rely on their normal sources of income “such as “our favorite taho, dirty ice cream, and banana cue vendors.”

She also planned to split the fund collected in “16 ways for the 16 cities of Metro Manila affected by this community quarantine.” The actress also assured the people that all the money will go to the right people as she will personally look over its proper allocation.

Surprisingly, she was able to raise over 1 million pesos one day after she opened the fundraising campaign. She also thanked those who take part in her good cause and announced that she would be closing the account at midnight.

“I will close the gogetfunding page at midnight later so I can compute exactly how much food we can donate! Again thank you! And we still have 4&1/2 hours to keep on donating,” Bela said.

The kind-hearted Kapamilya actress closed the page on the midnight of March 18 after surpassing her initial target, reaching the exact amount of 1,370,536 pesos, as seen on the official GoGetFunding account created by Bela Padilla.

As of Thursday morning, March 19, the Philippines has recorded 202 positive cases of COVID-19, including 17 fatalities and 7 people who have already recovered.