Gretchen Ho On Younger Brother Dr. Justin Ho: “We are proud of you guys!!”

Kapamilya TV host Gretchen Ho is one proud sister that her younger brother Justin Ho is one of (Philippine General Hospital) PGH’s frontliners, who are battling against coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic.

On Instagram, the 29-year-old host-athlete thanked all the fronliners, including her brother Justin, a Pediatric Infectious Diseases doctor in PGH, along with a recent photo of her brother and the rest of his colleagues taken at the emergency room of the said hospital.

Gretchen revealed that her brother will not be able to come home until April, probably because of the enhanced community quarantine and the growing numbers of the patients that needed their help.

She wrote,

“My brother in the ER of PGH. He’s one of the frontliners as a Pediatric Infectious Diseases doctor. Hindi muna siya uuwi hanggang April.

Gretchen went on to thank the people who are sending help and support to the frontliners, especially those who are providing their foods. She also urged everyone to continue extending support to all the frontliners.

“Dami raw nagpapadala sa kanila ng pagkain! Let’s keep it coming 🙂 Nakaka-high morale! Maraming salamat sa ating mga frontliners!” she added.

The host-athlete ended her post expressing how proud she is for all the work her brother and his colleagues have been doing for all the Filipinos,

“Love you @pediathleete, please always take care!! Pati sa mga kasama mo. Laban lang!!! Praying for all of you from home. We are proud of you guys!!”

While we all admire the people who continue working tirelessly despite the threat of this virus, we all know that healthcare professionals and medical workers like the doctors, nurses, researchers, and medical staff are the most at risk to this since they’re the ones taking care of the infected patients.

Like any of us now, they’re also afraid for their life and health, as well as their family’s well-being, but they still chose to perform their promised duties, which is to provide healthcare to the public. Reaching a point where some of them risked their lives just to attend those people who need their help.