Check Out Alden Richard’s Nearly Half-Million Pesos PC Set-Up

Kapuso star Alden Richards recently shared on his Twitter account a photo of his incredible custom-made PC gaming setup with the caption: “Soon.”

Photo Credit: Alden Richards Tweeter

This made his fans and followers assume that the “Asia’s Multimedia Star” will soon join the celebrities who are also part of the gaming community and like those who are doing live streaming while playing video games.

Photo Credit: Mark van Acosta Facebook

As a matter of fact, this post of the Kapuso actor quickly became one of the trending topics on Twitter, with many online users using the hashtag “AldenPautang.”

But aside from this exciting news, netizens were more stunned over the 28-year-old actor’s PC setup that costs nearly half a million pesos, this is based on a recent report by (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Photo Credit: Mark van Acosta Facebook

It was included in their report that the cost of this PC is about P350,000, quoting an estimate from Mark van Acosta of Declassified Systems, a well known PC modder and the maker of Alden’s custom gear. The estimated price of the whole setup, including streaming equipment will have the total cost of close to P450,000.

Photo Credit: Mark van Acosta Facebook

Acosta also shared on his official Facebook account last Tuesday, March 3, the detailed information and the exact specs of Alden’s PC build that he called “Azure.”

Photo Credit: Mark van Acosta Facebook

It will be recalled that a week prior to Alden’s trending Twitter post, Alodia Gosiengfiao, who is known as one of the country’s most popular video game streamers and a cosplay star challenged the Kapuso actor in one of her recent YouTube vlogs for a one-on-one match in “Mobile Legends.”

Photo Credit: Mark van Acosta Facebook

During that time, Alden said that he is accepting Alodia’s challenge and later on revealed that he really loves watching his friends play video games on streaming sites.

Screenshot: ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

Aside from this, his “Hello, Love, Goodbye” co-star Kathryn Bernardo also revealed in an interview on the morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” last July 2019 how much of a gamer Alden is. She describes him as the typical gamer who is not responsive at all, while they’re busy playing online games.

Custom Pc Build #68 " Azure " Asus Gaming Streaming Set-up Lian--Li 011 Dynamic XL