Watch: Jinkee Pacquiao’s Reaction After Husband Manny Pacquiao Gives Wrong Wedding Anniversary Date

It was back in October last year when Jinkee Pacquiao decided to join the popular video-sharing platform YouTube, she delighted her online viewers in her channel by uploading the first video that showed her with husband Manny while having a sweet moment together.

Photo Credit: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

As of today, her YouTube channel already has more than 17k subscribers and contains 9 vlogs. The most recent one is the 6-minute video where she featured again her husband, boxing legend and Senator Manny Pacquiao for her special Valentine’s Day episode.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Last Friday, February 14, Jinkee released a vlog titled.

“Perfect Together Valentine’s Day with Sen. Manny & Jinkee Pacquiao.”

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

She wrote in the video description:

“Let’s see how well do Manny and I know each other. Happy Valentines Day everyone!”

It can be seen in the video that the couple was being tested by their children on how much they know about each other by playing a compatibility game they called “Perfect Together.”

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Jinkee and Manny were asked by one of their daughters, Mary “Princess” Pacquiao, to answer questions such as their wedding date, their favorite food, Manny’s first-morning routine, their favorite song, favorite color, Jinkee’s usual task during Saturday, and the last gift that she receives from Senator Manny.

Screenshot: Jinkee Pacquiao Youtube Channel

While the first question seems to be a very easy one as they were asked to provide the date of their church wedding anniversary, Jinkee was a bit surprised that her husband wrote a different answer.

The correct answers should be May 9, 2000, Jinkee got it right, but Manny mistakenly wrote, “May 9, 1999.”

The 41-year-old boxing icon explained that he got confused as they also had a civil wedding, and it was on August 10, 1999.

As of this writing, this video now has more than 104k views on YouTube.

Aside from this vlog, Jinkee also caught the attention of the netizens when she posted a throwback photo on Instagram to greet Manny a happy Valentine’s day. It shows a photo of her and Manny taken in 1999, the year they first met, along with a heartfelt caption.

Perfect Together Valentine's Day with Sen. Manny & Jinkee Pacquiao