Sharon Cuneta Posted Appreciation Post For Daughters Frankie and Miel, After KC Bonds With Her Father Gabby Concepcion

While it may seem like a coincidence for some people, many netizens still believe that there’s a deeper meaning on the recent posts of the “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta and her eldest daughter, KC Concepcion on their respective Instagram accounts.

Photo Credit: KC Concepcion Instagram

KC first shared video clips of her date/bonding moment with her father, actor Gabby Concepcion in a Japanese restaurant last Sunday, February 2, via Instagram Stories.

“Look who my handsome date is,” she said while panning the camera to her 55-year-old celebrity dad.

Gabby, who had already been seated at the table and started eating, greeted everyone, “Hi guys!”

She then asked her father, “Have you been waiting for me?”

Photo Credit: KC Concepcion Instagram

Right after this, the two even had a short convo about “coronavirus,” she can also be heard telling her father “I missed you” and later on told her followers, “Magde-date muna kami.”

Another thing that the netizens noticed is that KC used the hashtag “girldaddy” for her videos.

Photo Credit: KC Concepcion Instagram

Meanwhile, Gabby also shared one of KC’s video clips on his account with the caption, “Priceless…a moment like this.”

Prior to this, many of his followers also witnessed their closeness when KC left the comment on his post last January 31, stating.

“We share the same love for nature, adventure & animals! Love you pops.” To which the seasoned actor replied her daughter with a sweet message, “Love you more baby girl [heart emoji]”

After a few hours, Sharon updated her IG account by sharing an appreciation post for her daughters, Miel and Frankie.

Photo Credit: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

The Megastar reposted the collage photo of her two daughters with her husband Kiko Pangilinan, showing the moment when Frankie returned to the country from New York, last December 2019, and another one, last January 19 when she had to go back abroad to study.

In the photo caption, she also described the closeness of the sisters Frankie and Miel.

“Awww…my two precious girls who are so close that it is enjoyable just watching them do stuff together at home, listening to how happy they are while talking.”

Photo Credit: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

She ended her post saying.

“These are my loving, good-hearted girls who truly treasure me and our family. I am so proud to be their mother!”

It was only last month when Sharon and her daughter KC made rounds online as the two seem to have some personal issues as seen in their social media posts.

Photo Credit: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

This happened after Sharon’s ASAP Natin ‘To birthday tribute last January 5 that KC failed to attend. Right after this, KC apologized through a cryptic birthday greeting for her mom and said that her absence was because of some personal reasons.

KC also mentioned in the said post.

“I have done all I can to help you when I could and to make you proud knowing you had me so young. If I fail, I’m only human and I’m sorry.”

Photo Credit: Sharon Cuneta Instagram

Sharon responded after three days by writing a lengthy message on her IG account, where she said that she feels that her eldest daughter distanced herself away from their family.

“I haven’t really known for years now what has been going on with you, in your life, in your heart. I would think that the first person you would talk to would me your Mama. I feel that you have distanced yourself from us who truly love you, when we all hunger for our family to be complete.”

Part of her post read.