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Look: Jinkee Pacquiao Enjoys First Ride On Jimuel’s P8.5 Million Sports Car

Jinkee Pacquiao recently showed an exciting video where her eldest son Emmanuel Jr. more popularly known as Jimuel became her private driver for the day.

Photo Credit: Jimuel Pacquiao Instagram

In a YouTube video published by “Showbiz Broadcast” last February 17, it appears that Jinkee requested her son to bring her to Forbes and they use the Red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that Jimuel owns.

Photo Credit: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

According to the 41-year-old wife of Pinoy boxing icon and Senator Manny Pacquiao, it was only the first time that she was able to ride Jimuel’s sports car.

Photo Credit: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

The short video shows the mother and son inside the car, talking in “Bisaya” language and obviously enjoying each other’s company.

Screenshot: Showbiz Broadcast Youtube Channel

Screenshot: Showbiz Broadcast Youtube Channel

In October last year, the same car was featured in “Rated K,” a program on ABS-CBN where it revealed that the expensive sports car was a surprise gift that his father, Senator Manny Pacquiao gave him.

Based on their report, this Chevrolet Corvette Stingray car with a Torch Red exterior finish costs around 8.5 million pesos.

Screenshot: Showbiz Broadcast Youtube Channel

Screenshot: Showbiz Broadcast Youtube Channel

While this may be a huge price tag, many would say that it’s only a little amount for the Philippine Senator and Filipino boxing champ who is known as one of the wealthiest people in the country today. Let’s also not forget that he was also among the highest-paid athletes of the decade, according to Forbes. He landed on the 8th spot after earning $435 million (around ₱22 billion) from 2010 to 2019.

Photo Credit: Jinkee Pacquiao Instagram

Many netizens expressed their reaction upon knowing that this expensive car was a gift from Jimuel’s father for having good grades at school.

One netizen wrote,

“From a person who was born with nothing, I will definitely give all to my family if [I] can and if they are striving to be good all the time.”

Another online user praised the younger Pacquiao as he was raised well by his parents, the netizen also added that he really deserves this gift because of his good attitude towards other people.

“Jimuel [is] a very humble and loving son, he love his brothers and sisters, also sa mga tauhan sa bahay nila ang bait bait pa kaya deserve na deserve mo yan kuya, Sana all may 8.5 M.”


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