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Look: Adorable Twins Of Korina Sanchez & Mar Roxas Celebrate Their First Birthday

55-year-old veteran newscaster and “Rated K” host Korina Sanchez celebrated her twin babies, Pepe and Pilar’s first birthday.

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

To mark this milestone, Korina shared a photo of the twins on her Instagram account last Wednesday, Feb. 12, showing how big her boy, Pepe and her girl, Pilar now that they already turn 1.

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

She wrote in the caption:

“Happy First Birthday to my Twin True North Stars.”

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

Prior to that post, the veteran newscaster shared that she had the thought that she would probably never experience having a child before, but she’s glad that they’ve tried and now blessed with these two little bundles of joy.

“For a long time I was thinking it would probably never happen for me. But I could not let my life pass without even trying. And now, every tomorrow is the best day yet to come”

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

In another post, the 55-year-old Kapamilya broadcaster revealed that she and former senator, Mar Roxas returned to the church where they had Pepe and Pilar baptized to have their “birthday blessing.”

It was in February last year when Pepe and Pilar were first introduced by their parents to the public. The first image of Korina’s twins that she shared on Instagram was a photo of her twin’s little feet with the caption:

“I think if you believe hard enough, the miracle you most want can come true. Announcing the arrival of our little boy and little girl.”

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

The couple surprised everyone by their announcement that they are already parents to twins, a boy, and a girl, which they had through gestational surrogacy and were born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez Instagram

Korina and Mar welcomed their twins almost 10 years after their wedding, this made the seasoned broadcaster a first-time mom at 54 years old. Mar, on the other hand, already has a son named Paolo with former beauty queen Maricar Zaldarriaga.

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