Jimuel Pacquiao On The Possibility Of Dating Poor Or Average Girl: “It doesn’t really matter”

Manny Pacquiao’s eldest son, Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr., more popularly known as Jimuel just released his latest vlog entry on his YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr Instagram

Last Monday, February 24, the 19-year-old social media star featured #AskJimuel, a “Question & Answer” portion where he decided to ask his fans to send in their questions on his FB account and would choose a few to answer on this vlog.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr Instagram

In this 9-minute video, Jimuel was asked to share personal things such as his boxing career, his definition of love, family, social status, and as well as his preferences in dating women.

Many girls find the eldest son of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao a perfect guy to be on a date because of his good look and easygoing aura, not to mention his simple but sharp style and fashion that he has since he also started off his career in the limelight as a model for a clothing brand. However, some girls may also find it hard to have a relationship with him, knowing the wealth of their family and his social status.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr Instagram

For this vlog, the younger Pacquiao revealed that he does not have a problem with dating a girl who is poor or someone who doesn’t have the same social status as his family.

One fan asked him

“Do you see yourself being in love with poor or average girl? How about an older women or single mom?”

Screenshot: Jimuel Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Jimuel explained:

“To me, love doesn’t really choose like if you fall in love with a girl. Like poor, average or rich. It doesn’t really matter.”

“For example, a rich girl can fall in love with a poor guy. If I fall in love with a girl that’s not really on the same status in life, then, that would be okay since we’re in love. It doesn’t really matter.”

When it comes to the possibility of having a relationship with an older woman, Jimuel said that he also does not mind dating someone who is older than him, but not to the point that she would seem like his aunt because of a big age gap.

Screenshot: Jimuel Pacquiao Youtube Channel

Meanwhile, Jimuel had a different reaction when it comes to dating a single mom and explained his side why he’s not into dating them.

“I have nothing against single moms, okay, it’s just not my preference.”

Jimuel also took the chance to explain as some people left a comment that he is “masungit” when it comes to his younger siblings, he said that being the eldest of a brood of five children, he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he had to be somehow firm to all of them.

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