Have a glance at Cherie Gil’s Stunning Son Raphael Rogoff!

“You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat”

This iconic line from 1985 movie ‘Bituing walang ningning’ was delivered by veteran actress Cherie Gil portraying the role of the story’s villain, Lavinia. Gil is recognized on the Philippines as one of the Prime Actress in Showbiz and is commonly known for her roles as antagonist.

While she often plays the bad person on-screen, she is a proud and caring mother in real life. Just recently, after the shoots for her Kapuso Teledrama ‘Beautiful Justice’ has concluded, she flew all the way to New York City to be with his youngest son, Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff.

Raphael or Raph is Gil’s second child with his ex-husband Rony Rogoff. When Gil posted a picture of her and Raph on her Instagram account, many netizens noticed his charm. His movie-star appearance is just hard to overlook that his pictures are making rounds on social media making fans swoon over him.

With his dreamy eyes, fine lips, flawless jaw and well-toned built, there is no wonder netizens are gushing to see him on screen. As expected, some are anticipating that he will enter Show business just like her mother and cousins.

The Eigenmanns are known as a royalty in Philippine Showbiz and their attractiveness just runs on the Family. Although he is into acting in theater plays, it is unsure if he will pursue a career in Showbiz. Right now he is studying Global Liberal Studies focusing on Ethics, Religion and Law.

Aside from these, Raph also loves sports like Football and wrestling. He is fund of traveling different countries and is a dog-lover. He is also a thoughtful brother to his siblings and a loving son to his mother.

His older sister Bianca Rogoff, Gil’s first child with Rony Rogoff, is also a beauty. She graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, major in Drama last year and is debuted on the International film “Sensitive and in Love.”

His older half-brother, Jay Eigenmann, Gil’s eldest son from Leo Martinez, is making a name as a Sound Engineer in New York. He also has a half-sister from his father named Renee. Although Cherie Gil and Rony Rogoff broke up after 20 years of marriage, they remain good friends and can often be seen together with Raphael and his siblings.