Derek Ramsay Reacts On Netizen Saying His Outfit For His Date With “Miss Uganda” Is Inappropriate

Kapuso hunk actor Derek Ramsay made the netizens super happy for granting the wish of the Uganda national nanny, Atuhumurize Evelyne, to meet him in person.

Photo Credit: Derek Ramsay Instagram

Evelyne who is dubbed as “Miss Uganda” caught the attention of the Filipino viewers on Raffy Tulfo’s “Wanted Sa Radyo” show last January 25. The Uganda national woman is working as a nanny here in the Philippines for almost a year.

Her boss is a Filipina professor whom she met back in their country. Evelyne is only earning P4,500 per month.

Screenshot: Raffy Tulfo in Action Youtube Channel

Based on her story, everything seems fine at first since her female boss treats her well, but this changed when she became really close to some of the relatives of her boss. She started to get jealous of Evelyn and treat her in a bad way because of that.

Screenshot: Raffy Tulfo in Action Youtube Channel

She then decided to seek the help of Raffy Tulfo so that she can get her passport and return to her country since she’s already tagged as “overstaying” in our country. In the show, Raffy was able to contact one of the siblings of Evelyne’s boss. He promised to give Evelyne’s passport back, and also to shoulder the plane ticket as well as paying the penalty fine in the immigration for her overstaying.

In the last part of the program, it was revealed that Miss Uganda is a big fan of Derek Ramsay and that she will be really happy if Raffy can help her meet the actor in person.

Miss Uganda said:

“When I was coming here, the immigration in Uganda asked me, ‘Evelyne, what are you going to do in the Philippines?’ And that time, the next day was Valentine’s, ‘I want to go and spend it with Derek Ramsay.”

She also added:

“He was my best actor of all time. I think, if he was born in Uganda, I wouldn’t think I’m still single. I’ve already been married.

“Trust me, I will go right away [to that date].”

Raffy granted her wish and set up a date with Derek, who immediately agreed and invited Evelyne for a dinner date in his house in Alabang last January 31.


Before her special day, she visited the famous broadcaster in his show and received amazing gifts like a Swarovski bracelet, earrings, a necklace, an expensive ring, a Bomerce watch, and Aldo bag. He also provided Evelyne a Mercedes-Benz limousine ride to the actor’s place and was accompanied by some backup cars and bodyguards.

Meanwhile, in a YouTube vlog by the Kapuso actor and her current girlfriend, actress Andrea Torres, they shared the preparations they made for Miss Uganda and Derek’s dinner date.

Screenshot: Andrek Vlogs Youtube Channel
Screenshot: Andrek Vlogs Youtube Channel
Screenshot: Andrek Vlogs Youtube Channel

While many netizens were super happy that the actor accepted the wish of, “Miss Uganda,” there are some who expressed disappointments with Derek’s chosen outfit for their date, he was wearing a sando and a cap while the foreign lady clearly prepared for her outfit.

One netizen wrote:

“medyo disappointed ako sa meeting nyo ni miss uganda, pinaghandaan nya yung meeting nyo tapos ikaw nakasando at sumbrero pa while nasa table, napaka inapproapriate mo @ramsayderek07 but anyways salamat for granting her wish.”

Photo Credit: Derek Ramsay Instagram

The actor replied on this comment by explaining his side.

“dear i didnt know she was getting fully dressed and made up. She wanted to meet me and i wanted to make her happy before she goes home. I invited her to my home so that its more private.”

Derek said.

Last Monday, February 3, Evelyne visited Raffy again on his program before she flew back to her home country in Uganda. She also received $1,000 pocket money from idol Raffy and some bags, and $3,000 worth of money from a donor who doesn’t want his identity to be revealed on-air, however, Raffy, later on, provided the name of the kind donor, who is no other than Senator Manny Pacquiao.