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Check Out Klaudia Koronel’s Life Now After Leaving The Limelight

Former actress Klaudia Koronel was known for her daring roles in the Philippine movies and was one of the prominent actresses in the ’90s. She was born on December 19, 1975, and her real name is Milfe Dacula.

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Klaudia started her showbiz career in the late 1990s until the early 2000s as one of the daring actresses in films like “Pisil” and “Kesong Puti.” She also appeared in other movie genres such as comedy when she was cast in “Torotot” in 2001 with Leo Martinez, followed by “Kapitan Ambo: Outside De Kulambo” with the late veteran actor Eddie Garcia.

She also became one of the leading ladies of Joey De Leon’s sitcom ‘Kiss Muna’ and she was also a part of ABS-CBN’s drama series “Mga Angel Na Walang Langit.”

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But although she started in the industry as a sexy star, Klaudia still proved to everyone that she really is a great actress, especially when she was nominated and eventually the Gawad Urian awards as Best Supporting Actress for her performance in her movie in 2000 ‘Live Show’.

That’s why many were surprised when she lied low in her showbiz stints at the peak of her career. Reports said that after leaving the limelight, she decided to pursue her studies at New Era University. Klaudia graduated in 2005 with a degree in BS Computer Science.

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After completing her studies, Klaudia ventured into business and opened her own Internet shop. She then tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Chinese-American businessman Andy Zhang on August 28, 2009, at the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) temple in Quezon City. The couple has a son named Zandy who was born in 2006.

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She then left the country to live in Gilbert, Arizona, USA, where she manages a home care business that her husband bought for her. Unfortunately, her relationship with Zhang did not last long and the two got divorced in 2014, but reports said that two remained as friends.

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Meanwhile, another unfortunate event happened to her in 2016 when she was diagnosed with uterine growth. The former actress underwent an operation to remove the tumor, which was said to be a successful one.

Klaudia now works as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and lives in Los Angeles, California with her family.


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