Check Out Isabelle Daza’ Employment Contract For Their Helpers Or Kasambahays

31-year-old celebrity mom Isabelle Daza gained praise from the netizens for considering her helpers or “Kasambahays” as an integral part of her household.

Photo Credit: Yaya Luning Instagram

As a matter of fact, she even made a detailed employment contract for their house helpers just to make sure that she will have a long-term relationship with them and also to protect all parties involved.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Daza Instagram 

This is aligned with the Domestic Workers Act of 2013 or Republic Act No. 10361, more popularly known as the Batas Kasambahay, which was enacted into law to institute policies that will protect the welfare of all domestic workers in the country from “abuse, harassment, violence, and economic exploitation.” This also requires a binding contract between the employer and the kasambahay.

Photo Credit: Yaya Luning Instagram

Last year, Isabelle shared with the public a photo of the contract she made for “Thelma,” one of her house helpers.

She shared via Instagram Stories:

“So I decided to create a contract for my helpers at home… to show their job description… and their rights as an employee.”

“This is also so they know they cannot get fired over simple mistakes.”

As seen in her post, the celebrity mom enumerated the helpers’ duties and responsibilities, job description, work hours, days off, and compensation and benefits, among others. She also opted to write the contract in Filipino.

Isabelle also explained an exception for one of the rules on salary.

“they can’t borrow money or advance (unless it’s an emergency).”

Photo Credit: Isabelle Daza Instagram

Also included in the helper’s employment contract are other benefits including paid leaves, meals, hygiene products, towels, and uniforms, among others.

She said,

“This will help them feel secure and proud to keep a job and protect both parties.”

“Giving them enough rest days (like the weekends)… and in return of course they do a job well done.”

Photo Credit: Isabelle Daza Instagram

She also set guidelines that put a clause on confidentiality, which is essential to celebrities and will still continue even if the kasambahay’s employment with them has already ended.

“Ipinagbabawal ng Pinaglilingkuran na ipagsiwalat ng kasambahay ang mga pribado at kompidensyal na impormasyon…”

She wrote.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Daza Instagram

In the last part of the contract, the 31-year-old model-actress mentioned that her number one house rule which is not written in the shown contract is “not to reply ‘wala’ if they haven’t checked or looked everywhere.”