Look: Team Kramer Granted Their Yaya Joy’s Wish To Build Her Broken Home In The Province

House helpers or what we sometimes call “Kasambahays” are the people who help make their employers’ lives easier. Many of them came from the far provinces in the country and had to battle with the loneliness of being away from their own family just to provide them with a better life.

That is also why they also deserved to be rewarded for all the hard work and care that they are providing for the families that they’re working for.

Nowadays, there are laws that cover the rights and privileges of a kasambahay or house helpers. They are now entitled to mandatory benefits including daily and weekly rest periods, employers also need to provide wage-related and other benefits, such as the monthly contribution for SSS,. PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG membership and many more.

But the reality is not all employers are following these rules and regulations set by the law, there are even some who received improper treatment from their employers.

On the lighter side, there are still house helpers who are lucky enough to meet bosses that treat them as part of the family. Just like the internet’s most beloved family Team Kramer.

In a video they uploaded on their YouTube channel last November, Team Kramer shared the story of how they surprised one of their kasambahays, Yaya Joy.

Cheska and Doug Kramer’s three adorable kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin wrote a letter to Santa, where they wished for their Yaya Joy’s home in the province to be fixed so that her family will always be safe there.

As seen in the video, the three kids called their Yaya and told her that they had a surprise for her. They handed Yaya Joy a letter that says: “This Christmas, we wish you could help her family in the province…like to fix her house so they are safe.”

Yaya Joy is already emotional as she reads the letter, she eventually burst out in tears as she saw the recorded interview of her mother in the province. Her grandmother, Nanay Josefina showed their damaged roofs and their broken house for the past 20 years.

Through the help of Team Kramer and “Netflix,” their house was transformed into a new and stronger house.

Now, Yaya Joy doesn’t have to worry anymore every time it’s going to rain as she feels more secure because her daughter and grandmother is living in a comfortable home.

Yaya Joy got her wish!