Look: Families of Marjorie Barretto and Ruffa Gutierrez Spend New Year’s Eve Together

45-year-old former actress Marjorie Barretto and her family came together with the families of beauty queen-turned-host Ruffa Gutierrez in the United States to welcome the New Year.

According to a report by the entertainment website PUSH, this star-studded New Year’s Eve celebration was held at Beverly Hills, California.

On her Instagram Stories, Ruffa Gutierrez shared some clips and snaps that were taken from their US celebration where she featured her daughters Lorin and Venice, her mom Anabelle Rama, and her brother Richard, together with his beautiful wife Sarah Lahbati and their 2 adorable kids, 6-year-old Zion, and 1-year-old Kai.

Ruffa also shared a short video clip where it was revealed that Marjorie Barretto was also present in this event, the former beauty queen can be heard saying hi to Marjorie and greeted everyone with a “happy new year” as she panned the camera to the side of the former actress, Marjorie’s son, Leon, followed by Richard and Lorin, and business tycoon, Small Laude, whom she referred to as “the hostess of the evening.”

Meanwhile, another clip shows Marjorie as she happily bids goodbye to the year 2019.

“Goodbye, 2019!” she uttered while jumping. Marjorie then added, “I wanna cry.”

After this, Julia Barretto entered the scene together with Richard’s wife, Sarah Lahbati and the celebrity couple’s eldest son Zion.

Just like her mom, Julia also cheerfully said, “Goodbye, 2019!”

It can also be seen in the other photos of Ruffa that Marjorie’s children Claudia and Erich were also present. But for those who are wondering why her eldest child, Dani, was not there, she was reportedly busy helping in the new year celebration of her own family in Tagaytay.

Based on an earlier interview with PUSH, the celebrity vlogger said that she would not be able to join them because of her 3-month-old baby. It was only last September 13 when Dani gave birth to her first child with husband, Xavi Panlilio. They named their daughter Camilla Marguerite B. Panlilio or simply Baby Millie.