Look: “Ate Girl” Jackque Gonzaga Started The Year By Sharing Her Love Advice To Kapare-WHO Contestants

We all know that It’s Showtime dancer and mainstay Jackque Gonzaga or most popularly known as “Ate Girl” has a very unique and brilliant way to express her “hugot” lines.

She captured the attention of many viewers because of her hit banters with “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda.

For this year, the beautiful Kapamilya dancer made the madlang people and the hosts of the said program amazed and at the same time baffled when she shared her love advice during the first live episode.

This happened in the “Kapare-WHO” segment, where Jackque was asked to give her opinion or advice for the girl contestants when choosing among the three bachelor contestants.

“Hindi naman mahirap humanap ng kapalit, ang mahirap mahanap ay iyong hindi ka ipagpapalit,”

she said.

After hearing her “hugot” speech, Vice Ganda reacts by saying,

“Daming mong alam. Akala mo perfect ang relationship mo?”

Jackque once again aired her thoughts and replied to Vice,

“Ganoon talaga, yung mga sinasabi mo hindi mo na a-apply sa sarili mo,”

to which the other hosts of the show immediately agreed.

When asked if she’s referring to someone for this love advice, she then replied,

“Wala. Bahala kayo diyan.”

Jackque is in a relationship with former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and Hashtags member, Tom Doromal.

But in June last year, their relationship went under fire as there were rumors and speculations about their breakup. This started when “Ate Girl” Jackque bursts into tears in one the live episode of the noontime program that month.

To clarify the real status of their relationship, Tom took to Instagram to share that the rumor about their breakup is not true,

“Hindi po kami hiwalay ni Jackie. FYI po, hindi po kami naghiwalay, okay? Iyon lang ‘yon.”

It also appears that the two welcomed the new year together as they posed for a photo last Wednesday, January 1 on Tom’s IG account.

“Happi new yir ebryone [insert red heart emoji],”

he wrote as the caption.