Look: Andi Eigenmann Shares A View Of Their Family House In Siargao On Her First Vlog

29-year-old actress Andi Eigenmann just showed to her fans a glimpse of her life on the island of Siargao with her family in her first-ever YouTube vlog.

The celebrity mom also included a sneak peek of their home that is still under construction.

On December 30, 2019, the celebrity mom of two uploaded a video, where she shared some raw clips of herself and her two adorable daughters Ellie, 8, and Baby Lilo, 5 months old, with her partner, professional surfer Philmar Alipayo.

As seen in the 13-minute and 59 seconds video, Andi and her family starts off with their plane ride from Manila, where they spent Christmas eve.

Andi, Philmar, and Ellie were all obviously happy as they’re finally going back to their simple life on the island of Siargao.

Upon landing on the island, the three of them still can’t hide their excitement, Andi can be heard saying,

“We’re so happy to be home for Christmas! This is the land of the cocos,” Philmar added, “No more spaceship.”

Ellie also aired her thoughts:

“No more red lights, no more buildings!”

The celebrity mom of two exclaimed,

“Back to our island life!”

It was also featured how their family is enjoying their simple life in the island like riding tricycles, walking to the beach, doing their grocery shopping, and even harvesting papaya from their backyard.

While filming the video, they also announced that they’ve experienced a power outage and since there’s no electricity they just decided to take a walk and visit the site where their unfinished house is located.

She also gave a quick tour of the two-storey open layout home that she and Philmar are currently building,

“So this is the first part of our house-slash-B&B (bed and breakfast),” she said. She then points out a huge area that will become their future backyard. “I’m so happy, worked so hard for this,”

Andi added.

As of writing, her vlog has already reached over 1.5 million views and more than 88k likes.

Our First Ever VLOG!!| Going back to the island + sneak peek of our unfinished home