Check Out Sylvia Sanchez’ Elegant Multi-Level Family Home In Quezon City

When Typhoon Ondoy struck the Philippines in September 2009, Kapamilya actress Sylvia Sanchez and her family was among the many people whose houses are ravaged by the floods. That’s why after that traumatic event, their family had to look for a new and safe house.

Luckily, only a few years after that disaster, they found an area that’s not prone to flooding and they’ve been living in this place since 2011, she said. “Tumakbo kami dito kasi naghanap kami ng mataas na area. So dito kami napunta. “

The 48-year-old veteran actress, her husband, and their four kids moved into an exclusive hilly subdivision in Quezon City, it is situated located on a sloping piece of land, making it perfect for their big family.

With the help of her husband, the two of them worked together to transform it into a home, “Asawa ko ang nag-design ng lahat ng buong bahay na ‘to. Siya ang nagplano, ‘yong kuwarto, lahat. Pinabayaan ko siyang i-handle ang construction side. Siya ang namroblema no’n,” she says.

When the structure is already finished, Sylvia is the one who managed the design as well as in choosing the furniture that will be placed in their home . “Sa akin naman ‘yong design ng bahay. Ako nag-isip kung ano ang ilalagay, kung anong klaseng furniture ang bibilhin. I believe na magaling akong mag-design ng bahay. Pero hindi ako magaling mag-explain,” Sylvia added.

The Kapamilya actress didn’t follow a specific theme, but she was able to achieve a look that simple, sophisticated, and inviting.

Let’s take a closer look at their lovely multi-level home:

Living Area

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The family’s living area features a modern and elegant appeal with it’s chosen pieces of furniture and décor. It has a semi-abstract painting by National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz serves as the focal point in the area. There is also a piece of painted glass decor and porcelain figurines that are placed on a console table below this painting.

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On the other side of this area, they displayed well-selected furniture pieces and floor-to-ceiling shelves holding Sylvia’s prized collection. Another interesting sighting in their living area is this identical dark-colored sofas that face each other, they also placed a coffee table in the middle.

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According to the veteran actress, the abundance of seating pieces is a must because their family loves to bond and stay at home “Sa sala lang, dito lang kami lagi. Tapos makikita mo, lahat natutulog sila diyan, or lahat andun sa kuwarto ng mga anak ko, gano’n lang,” Sylvia explained.

In another corner, they placed a matching red wing chairs that is meant for a cozy reading nook.

Powder Room

A communal compact powder room was placed in one corner of the living area. It comes with minimal accent pieces as its decor and its focal point is the wall covered in geometric veneers. This space is a little bit small but has an elegant and hotel-like appeal.

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Dining Area

This inviting dining area has an eight-seater square table and tufted dining chairs. The actress opted for chrome pendant lights to illuminate the space and match the tables and chairs. Placed on the side is a shelf with mirror backing that holds more figurines. To add some color, the placed a striking work of art that has bold hues.

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This modern and elegant kitchen looks straight out of a cooking show. It’s perfect for preparing meals because of its minimalist design and spacious island. To make it look more spacious, they opted for a cream-colored countertop that has enough storage to keep it clutter-free. The cooking area is well-equipped with a five-burner cooktop, a stainless range hood, and a built-in oven and the soft-closing cabinets and drawers.

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Their kitchen was designed with no walls or any dividers from the dining area. In that way, it creates an efficient space that allows the owners to entertain their guests while preparing delicious meals.

Arjo’s Bedroom

Sylia’s son, actor Arjo Atayde has a bachelor’s dream bedroom, it is located on the topmost level of the house. It features a sleek aesthetic, enough storage, and comfy pieces defined by hints of gray, black, and red. There are comforters and additional beds placed on the carpet that his friends can use when they visit his place. It also has a red shag carpet that anchors the bedroom and ties the look together.

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Meanwhile, on the left side of his room are cabinets with frosted glass doors. These were filled with Arjo’s clothes and belongings. There is also a slim entrance leads to his walk-in closet, where he kept his shades and shoe collections.

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They also placed a black sofa near his king-size bed where Arjo can relax while watching TV, this can also accommodate his friends during a sleepover. The shelf in his room holds the giant flat-screen TV and other stuff, including some of the awards he has won.

Ria’s Bedroom

Actress Ria Atayde has a bedroom that has the same layout as her brother’s personal space. It is located below Arjo’s room is actress Ria Atayde’s bedroom. According to the actress, her brother copied her room. As seen in this photo, it is very spacious and organized, the bedroom also has a similarly designed cabinet where her clothes and belongings are kept.

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For those who are wondering what’s inside her walk-in closet, the actress revealed that she has a collection of beautiful bags.

“I think I have more than fifteen. Pero not all of them are expensive brands, ha. I only have about four or five expensive bags,”

Ria said.

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She also has a more simple looking shelf that holds the TV, her books, a few photographs, some magazines, and her collection of souvenir shot glasses.


This veranda is located on the same floor as Arjo’s bedroom. By looking at this area, guests will have that feeling of a tropical escape. This area has an inviting daybed, a seating area, and a dining set that is meant for entertaining and spending time with guests.

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Since it’s on the same floor as Arjo’s bedroom, this area also functions as his personal gym, where he kept his elliptical machine, bench press machine, and set of weights.