Check Out Maja Salvador’s Beautiful Modern Home That She Built For Her Family

There’s no doubt that 31-year-old actress Maja Salvador has been a standout amongst the most mainstream stars in the Kapamilya network and is also considered as one of the most promising actresses of her generation.

Photo Credit: Maja Salvador Instagram

But unlike those actors who instantly became popular upon entering the showbiz industry, Maja has worked her way from the bottom to the top of the career ladder until she finally established a name for herself.

Given all the success she receives from her numerous films, TV series, and other projects, it’s not surprising to know that she has earned enough money and was able to build a beautiful house for herself and her family.

One of these is the Kapamilya actress’ beautiful modern home situated in a subdivision in Antipolo Rizal. This property is said to be one of her first major investments.

Maja previously gave the netizen a preview of this stunning home that she built so that she can provide her family with a more comfortable place to live. According to the actress, building this family home becomes her inspiration to work harder in all of her showbiz projects.

Looking at the photos, this two-story modern home features high ceilings, a spacious garden, lanai, entertainment area, where they can welcome their guests.

The house interior shows the color scheme of black and white, which Maja picked out herself as she wants to achieve a spacious and cozy feel. Meanwhile, Maja’s mother, Thelma Andres, is the one who put the red accents inside the house that adds sophistication to the area.

They also make sure to design the house following Feng Shui as they believe that it would invite good luck to their family.

Another highlight in this beautiful home is the actress walk-in closet, this area houses Maja’s large collection of clothes and shoes that were apparently arranged by type and color.